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Moving Beyond ADHD & Perfectionism

This two for one set (MP3 recording and USB Credit Card Flash Drive) takes you through a process to understand the difference between the "quest for Perfection" and the "pursuit of excellence". It not only looks at what and why people with ADD / ADHD can be driven to perfectionism, but also provides many tools and time proven methods to eliminate the dysfunctional challenges experienced by those caught in the trap of perfectionism.

Total Time: Stereo 65:07+

Disc One: Information & Tools

  1. Intro 2:12
  2. Excellence vs Perfection 3:55
  3. Distinguishing characteristics of excellence and perfectionism 15:50
  4. Stories that illustrate excellence & perfectionism 4:50
  5. Myths and real truths about perfectionism 2:15
  6. Causes of perfectionism 1:17
  7. Perfectionism Assessment Tool 1:45
  8. Enneagram personality assessment tool 1:45
  9. Understanding and overcoming perfectionistic thought patterns 12:28
  10. Formula for moving beyond perfectionism 1:47
  11. Relaxation as a tool 1:43
  12. Working with supportive confidant 7:20
  13. Creating self-awareness 1:49
  14. Behaviors that support self acceptance 2:41

Disc Two: Daily Practice

  1. Practice makes perfect! 6:53
  2. Receiving feedback & squelching "shoulds" 4:13
  3. Opening to success & worthiness 4:17
  4. Saying "Oh well" 2:01
  5. Letting go and embracing serenity 4:40



Twila has been developing tools for people with ADD/ADHD for over 19 years. Twila is passionate about her work and it is her sincere desire that you benefit from the tools presented in this recording. Feedback is always appreciated


Twila Gates, RN, SCAC
Senior Credentialled ADHD Coach

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Moving Beyond ADHD & Perfectionism
MP3 Recording
PLUS Credit Card USB Drive with case


SKU:  AD-752
Price:  $19.99

This business card is actually equipped with a USB
connector that flips open when in use.  The card
shape allows the flash drive to fit comfortably in tight
spaces and prevent loss.


  • Plastic swivel design and key loop 

  • No driver needed for most operating systems

  • Moving Beyond ADHD & Perfectionism Included

  • Relaxing Into ADHD & Perfectionism may be

    purchased as an add-on at check-out if desired

  • Great gift for that person in your life with ADHD

    or for yourself

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