ADD / ADHD College Student SmartPlanner

studentthumbsupThe ADD / ADHD Student SmartPlanner is a time-proven “Assignment, Study, and Academic Management System” promoting daily success as a college student.  The structure creates simplicity, remembering, time-management, and promotes study skill development. Designed for flexibility and adaptability, it offers a smart and efficient simplified system that moves the student toward academic and life success.

Having more than 20 years experience of working with clients having ADD / ADHD, Twila Gates, R.N., Senior Credentialled ADHD Coach recognized the need for an effective tool that promotes success with academic and life skills for the person with ADD / ADHD.  The results are an effective focus & planning system that has been revised and refined over the years based on client feedback. This is a system defined by the people who use the system...Needless to say, your feedback is very important to us as your ideas/suggestions become reality for everyone!


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College Student SmartPlanner

College Student SMARTPLANNER


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ADHD Planner: The College Student SmartPlanner is available in standard size (5.5 x 8.5").  It is very light-weight, easy to carry. Lays flat for easy use:

1.  Wire-bound (Black cover)
2.  One pad of Daily Planning Maps are also included.

Planner Pages: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Cover:  6 x 9 inches

1.  Edition:
a.  January thru December Edition
b.  July thru June Edition

Purchasing the 3-pack of Student Daily Planning Maps
when purchasing the planner is highly recommended as it will save shipping costs for the future. 

The Daily Planning Maps are "key" to success with this ADHD Planner.

This planner is typically processed and sent from our facility within 1-3 days.  It is typically shipped by priority mail.

Sample Student SmartPlanner Pages

Deliberate Deadlines Academic Calendar
Daily Planning Map
Ideal Week
Weekly Appt Pages/Weekly Planning
Goals/Project Dissector
Brain Backup
Information Pages

The College Student ADHD SmartPlanner:

  • Focuses on simplicity and systems
  • Promotes daily success as a college student
  • Creates an environment that encourages follow-through
  • Supports implementation of ADD / ADHD strategies for focus
  • Is simple, taken one step at a time - and SMART!


College Student SmartPlanner Benefits

Specifically designed for college students with ADD / ADHD.

The SmartPlanner is beneficial to:

  • Anyone with ADD / ADHD
  • Organizationally Challenged
  • ADD / ADHD College Students
  • ADD / ADHD Adults and Young Adults
  • Anyone Who Needs to Manage Their Time, Projects & Tasks & Academic Success Effectively!

Students with ADD / ADHD are smart!
Students with ADD need to eliminate the clutter in their brains!
Students with ADD / ADHD need a SIMPLIFIED & EFFECTIVE system that's adaptable and really works!

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Make a commitment to stick with your new tool for at least six months!

Why use the Student SmartPlanner

  • keeps you focused
  • reduces overwhelm
  • remembers for you
  • provides simple structure
  • consistent follow-through
  • encourages life balance
  • assists with time management
  • assignments/studying/projects completed
  • simple organizational tools
  • promotes study habits/routine development
  • enhances effectiveness

All Student SmartPlanners Include:

All Student SmartPlanners include the following items:

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Items Included:

Two sets of instructions:
    a. Quick-Start  
    b. Detailed
2. Complete set of organizational tabs for the various pages
One pad of 50 Daily Planning Maps included
a. Purchasing additional daily planning maps now is highly recommended - save future shipping charges
   b.The Daily Planning Maps are on of the "keys" to success with this ADHD Planner.
4. All SmartPlanner pages included in a twin-wire binding that lays exceptionally flat
Focus Colored Flag-its included
6. Refills, including Brain Backup and Goals/Project Dissector pages, are available separately if you use a lot and need more

About the College Student SmartPlanner

The Student SmartPlanner, an ADD / ADHD college student planner is much more than an academic planner. It is a "Time, Assignment, Homework & Academic Management System", that is SIMPLE and SMART.

The unique pages, inter-connected structure and innovative concepts inspire action with the help of the "Deliberate Deadlines Academic Calendar" system. The "Brain Backup", “Weekly Planning”, and  "Daily Planning Map" pages accommodate students who forget more easily, have trouble with follow-through and neglect transition times. Use the “Ideal Week” pages to get started with simplicity in developing habits and routines. The "Goals/Projects Dissector" promotes more thoughtful and timely completion of longer term projects.

Use the Simple QuickStart Guide to learn this completely integrated tool quickly and easily. There is also an In-Depth QuickStart Guide that provides as much detail as needed to fully utilize the system.  Each day using this system will move you ever closer to greater academic success with simple organization and the achievement of your most important academic goals, assignments, projects and development of helpful study habits/routines.

Professionals will appreciate the Student SmartPlanner as a simplified focusing tool, with a consistent look and feel, that visually supports education, coaching and counseling.