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Although the concepts of PowerSystems tools had already been in process for almost two years, the organization (PowerSystems, Inc) was incorporated on August 15, 1997. The original inspiration for PowerSystems was based on over two years of research and development of the original PowerSystems PowerPlanner™ that made it’s debut in March of 1998 at the conference held by the National Attention Deficit Disorder Association. Since that time, this life-management system has been revised consistently to meet the needs of our clients. We listen and are always looking to improve our ADHD Planners as well as our other tools. From this Power-Full beginning until today, we have consistently grown into one of the leading resources in the ADD/ADHD Community for both coaching and productivity tools.

Our endeavors have been led by Twila Gates, RN, Senior Certified ADHD Coach who is the founder of the ADHD Success Network, Inc. (ASN) and co-founder of PowerSystems, Inc.  She is a pioneer in coaching those with ADD / ADHD since 1996.  In 2010 Twila separated the productivity tools portion of the business from the coaching and has created a separate division for the tools with the ADHD Success Network (ASN).  With over 18 years of experience working with people with ADD / ADHD, Twila is now focusing her attention on the further development of cutting edge tools and services through the ADHD Success Network (ASN). 

In May 2014 we said goodbye to the PowerPlanner and Hello to the SmartPlanner as our flagship product.  The SmartPlanner started beta testing in 2010 in a full-sized format with numerous changes and additions and has now culminated into a very mature product (the ADHD SmartPlanner V5.5) that has replaced the PowerPlanner based on our research, learning and YOUR suggestions and ideas.  Beginning with the July 2014 thru June 2015 Edition it is now offered in three differend formats:
1. Full-Size (8.5x11") SmartPlanner V5.5
2. Standard-Size (5.5x8.5") SmartPlanner V5.5
3. Student (5.5x8.5") SmartPlanner V5.5


The AD/HD Success Network Webshop is a leading resource for the AD/HD community, committed to offering tools, systems, strategies and hope for building structure and environments that support those with ADHD/ADD in leading successful, confident, effective, happy and fulfilled lives.

The ASN Team is committed to assisting clients in development of their strengths and gifts.

By continually improving our tools and services we assist our clients with ADHD Systems, Skills, Strategies, Simplicity & Hope for the future.


ADD / ADHD – Now Known As ADHD

We believe that although ADHD causes challenge, sometimes very devastating challenge, in a person’s life, it also typically comes with some wonderful gifts.  Many people come to us thinking that they are “defective” – that is not accurate. The person with ADHD has a beautiful mind that can function in ways that most linear brains don’t function.  People are our most precious resources and we believe this is especially true of those with ADHD. Our work focuses on assisting adults, parents and students to focus on their strengths/gifts as well as providing assistance with systems, tools, life & thinking skills, and strategies to overcome the challenges.


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