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SmartPlanner Features

  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    SmartPlanner Includes:
    QuickStart instructions
    Detailed instructions

  • Daily Planning

    Daily Planning

    Decrease time warp:
    Flexible structure
    Get things done!

  • Brain Backup

    Brain Backup

    Manage tasks
    Decrease overwhelm
    Supports delegation

  • Project Dissector

    Project Dissector

    Breakdown projects
    Create accountability
    Don't miss details

  • Progress Tracking

    Progress Tracking

    Develop Habits
    Visualize Progress 
    Habit Planning

  • BrainStorming


    Idea --> Action

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NEW! Wirebound SmartPlanner!

  • You asked for it!
  • We're delivering it!
  • Check out the new wirebound Smartplanner!
  • Lays perfectly flat for ease of use

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  • keeps you focused
  • reduces overwhelm
  • remembers for you
  • provides flexible structure
  • consistent follow-through
  • encourages life balance
  • assists with delegation
  • tasks/goals/projects completed
  • simple organizational tools
  • promotes habits/routine development
  • enhances effectiveness


It takes a person with ADD / ADHD from four to six months to develop a habit... so don’t give up!



ASN Tools

  • Provide a structural framework for developing the best system for your individual needs
  • Offer flexibility and innovation
  • Promote your success with focus, productivity, remembering and time
  • Recognize your differences
  • Are supported and developed by a team that cares about you and your success
  • Continue to improve based on your input

The ADD / ADHD SmartPlannerTM V5.6  is now available!  Over 19 years of experience working directly with adults and students with ADD / ADHD is behind this planner that is designed to assist you with focus and follow-through to achieve success!  Take advantage of this time-tested planner.  We look forward to hearing your experience and ideas about the planner so we can always be in improvement mode.  Get one today - you will be glad you did. 

The ADD / ADHD SmartPlanner V5.6:

  • Offers various planner sizes & bindings, including the new magnetic snap binder that is lighter and easier to carry
  • Focuses on simplicity and systems for task, project & goal achievement
  • Creates an environment that encourages follow-through & helpful life skills
  • Supports implementation of ADD / ADHD systems for increased focus & creativity
  • Assists in development of habits & routines to free up mental energy and improve decision-making
  • Includes ADHD Coaching methods/systems to assist in embracing daily planning and routines for success
  • Prevents "crisis" by keeping you focused on what is important now as well as being prepared for what is coming up
  • Encourages project/goal management by breaking things into doable chunks with a priority system
  • Keeps your "ideas" safe and out of your head
  • Is simple, taken one step at a time - and SMART!

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Goodbye PowerPlanner...  Hello SmartPlanner!!!

Hello SmartPlanner Goodbye PowerPlanner

It was with feelings of nostalgia and great excitement in 2014 that we said goodbye to the PowerPlanner...  the ADD / ADHD Daily Planner that debuted at the 1998 International Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) conference.  Ever since that day we have worked with you, our clients, to create the very best planner possible for people with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Over the last few years there have been so many new ideas that we decided to create a completely brand new ADHD Planner interface, which prompted us to give a brand new name to our planner... the SmartPlanner.